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A childish panic about the next generation. Many of those fretting over the state of contemporary childhood, concerned that kids are passive, cooped up and sedentary, are motivated by nostalgia - sometimes even by snobbery.

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Presciptions given to children for depression quadruples in decade. The number of prescriptions given to children aged under 16 for depression and other mental health diagnoses has quadrupled in a decade, according to official figures.
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Standing Without Shoes (Book)
Creating happiness, relieving deppression, enhancing life. Standing Without Shoes has a foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. This popular Australian self-help book promotes a solution focused approach to improving wellbeing.  Helen Street and her co-author George Burns discuss the need to improve our understanding of our own path to happiness as a means to preventing and treating depression. (Click here to read a review of this book)


WISE Complete assessement for your school The Complete Package (CP)


The Complete Package™ (CP) offers a detailed assessment of student mental health across your entire school.

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We provide a comprehensive report detailing students’ levels of

  1. positive social behaviour,
  2. emotional disorders,
  3. conduct disorders,
  4. hyperactivity and inattention,
  5. bullying and aggression
  6. level of school satisfaction


All findings are compared to established UK norms providing you with valuable information about the status of mental health within your school.

Click HERE to download pages from a CP SAMPLE REPORT (primary school evaluation)

Click HERE to download pages from a CP SAMPLE REPORT (secondary school evaluation)

The CP provides you with valid and reliable outcomes

The Complete Package provides you with information about the mental health status of students in each class for each of the measures used.  Findings from individual classes are compared to each other and to established UK norms. In addition, vulnerable children are identified in confidence.

Schools need objective, reliable means for assessing mental health in all students.  Mental health is too important an issue to be addressed with anecdotal feedback and subjective reporting.  Mental health programs are too costly to be implemented without assessment of their ongoing effectiveness

In modern society parents and other community members look to schools to accurately assess and evaluate mental health in children and adolescents.

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The CP is simple to conduct


The Seven Step Process (CP)™


“The Seven Step Process™ (CP) ”  describes how the British WISE process  works to assess ALL students in your school

1. Download an order form from our website or copy one from the back of any of our British WISE booklets. Send your completed order form to the address shown with a cheque for the required sum (For example, £195 for up to 500 children for the High Risk Package) or email it to us with a request for a tax invoice to be paid upon receipt of materials.

2. We send you templates for all your questionnaires, a spreadsheet for data entry and guidelines via email. If you have additional queries or specific requests you can easily contact Helen or Neil via the British WISE enquiry email line (enquiries@wiseresearch.com.au) or by telephone on 01603 890778. Your easy-to-read guidelines are provided to help you through the process of data collection. Print or photocopy your questionnaires directly from the templates. This means you can control the numbers of questionnaires needed and always be sure you have enough copies for all staff and students. 

3. Staff complete questionnaires for each child in their class. All questionnaires have been designed with the time pressures of teaching in mind and thus each takes under five minutes to complete. Each child also completes their own questionnaire. Younger children can be encouraged with additional guidance for each question; however, they should not need more than ten minutes to complete all questions. Older children can complete their more detailed questionnaires in ten – twenty minutes.

4. A specially prepared Excel spreadsheet is provided for your data entry. This can be completed in less than 10 hours of employee time for an average sized school. Please note: We have designed the seven step process to ensure that British WISE offers an affordable evaluation and assessment service for your school. If you would like additional help and support with data collection and/or data entry we are happy to arrange this for you. 

5. Email your completed spreadsheet to British WISE at your convenience.

6. Analyses of all data is then personally completed by Dr. Helen Street. Your school’s data is checked for accuracy, reliability and completeness. It is then analysed in detail using the latest statistical software. Helen ensures that scale items fit together in a valid way and that questionnaires have been completed accurately. Reliabiltiy is measured and validity reviewed. Helen accounts for missed items and inconsistent answers. Overall measures are then calculated and compared to norms. Multivariate statistics compare different groups with each other across classes and between years.

7. Your schools detailed analyses are incorporated into a comprehensive easy-to-read report. Each report is tailor-made specifically for your school. It highlights and discusses the significance of all findings. It includes suggestions for building on strengths and addressing weaknesses identified within different classes, years and sub-groups of children, as well as for the school as a whole. It incorporates a summary for easy reference as well as a detailed discussion of each construct being assessed (e.g. bullying, depression etc). Your school receives an electronic version of the report so that you can print and circulate copies among staff and other interested parties. Please note that to protect the privacy of individual students and staff, the identities of individuals are not revealed in the final report.