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A childish panic about the next generation. Many of those fretting over the state of contemporary childhood, concerned that kids are passive, cooped up and sedentary, are motivated by nostalgia - sometimes even by snobbery.

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Presciptions given to children for depression quadruples in decade. The number of prescriptions given to children aged under 16 for depression and other mental health diagnoses has quadrupled in a decade, according to official figures.
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Standing Without Shoes (Book)
Creating happiness, relieving deppression, enhancing life. Standing Without Shoes has a foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. This popular Australian self-help book promotes a solution focused approach to improving wellbeing.  Helen Street and her co-author George Burns discuss the need to improve our understanding of our own path to happiness as a means to preventing and treating depression. (Click here to read a review of this book)


WISE services.


British WISE services have been designed for use in ALL UK schools. They provide objective, detailed information about the mental health status of all students in the school environment.  British WISE currently has two key services for students – The Complete Package offering a comprehensive whole school assessment and The High Risk Package focusing on the identification of clinically vulnerable students.  We are also in the process of developing a teacher assessment service to help increase awareness and understanding of teacher stress and distress.  Please contact us for more information.



Please click on the following headings to find out more about each service:

The Complete Package™ (CP)

The High Risk Package™ (HRP)

The Staff Evaluation Package™ (SEP)

A comprehensive assessment of the overall mental health status of the school.  All students are evaluated along a number of different aspects of mental health including positive social behaviour, depression, anxiety, conduct disorders, school satisfaction, hyperactivity, inattention and experience as the victims of bullying and aggression.  Click HERE to purchase.

An immediate list of ALL high risk students experiencing any of the following problems to a degree that warrants further individual assessment and intervention: experience as the victims of bullying and aggression, conduct disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, inattention and hyperactivity.  Click HERE to purchase.


Individual or groups evaluations for staff.  Includes assessment of anxiety, depression, stress, anger and social support.  Anonimity and confidentiality assured.

COMING Jan 2008