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A childish panic about the next generation. Many of those fretting over the state of contemporary childhood, concerned that kids are passive, cooped up and sedentary, are motivated by nostalgia - sometimes even by snobbery.

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Prescriptions given to children for depression quadruples in decade. The number of prescriptions given to children aged under 16 for depression and other mental health diagnoses has quadrupled in a decade, according to official figures.
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Standing Without Shoes (Book)
Creating happiness, relieving depression, enhancing life. Standing Without Shoes has a foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. This popular Australian self-help book promotes a solution focused approach to improving wellbeing.  Helen Street and her co-author George Burns discuss the need to improve our understanding of our own path to happiness as a means to preventing and treating depression. (Click here to read a review of this book)


British WISE. Wellbeing in Schools Evaluation


British WISE has been designed for use in ALL UK schools.  It provides detailed information on the mental health status of ALL students in the school environment.

British WISE (Wellbeing In Schools Evaluation ) offers affordable, whole-school services.  Each has been designed to reliably and effectively assess the mental health of ALL children and adolescents.

The service uses a combination of established psychological measures. Data is analysed using quantitative statistical techniques and incorporated into comprehensive, easy-to-read reports for teaching staff, allied health professionals, funding organizations, parents and other interested parties.

The Complete Package tm (CP) offers your school a comprehensive overview of students' well being and the mental health status across the entire school environment.

The High Risk Package tm (HRP) offers your school an immediate list of ALL students who indicate vulnerability and high risk for different mental health problems.

Evaluation leads to increased awareness and understanding of mental health issues across all students. This in turn allows schools to develop and implement optimal well being and mental health programs. Effective programs lead to improved well being and reduced psychological distress in all students. These improvements, when regularly evaluated, resulted in an upwards spiral toward healthy happy living for all students.

British WISE is run by experienced psychologists and research staff. British WISE has been developed by Dr Helen Street and Neil Porter. Helen and Neil are involved in all aspects of the evaluation process. They work with the support of their UK and Australian research team. Click here to go to "The WISE team".

British WISE benefits students and schools.

British WISE enables schools to accurately evaluate social and emotional well being among all children within a school environment. Moreover, British WISE enables schools to assess major psychological problems among children. It allows for changes in both social and emotional health over time.

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British WISE uses valid and reliable measures.

British WISE assess pro-social behaviour, conduct disorders, bullying and aggression, anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, inattention and perceptions of school satisfaction among children (depending on age).

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British WISE is designed specifically for use in schools

The British WISE services have been designed with an understanding of the limited resources and time pressures on schools to-day. If you order the Complete Package, in addition to a full statistical analysis, you are provided with a clear, detailed report exploring welling and mental health across every year of your school.

If you order the High Risk Package, and assessment of all students provides you with an objective means of identifying individuals who are facing social and emotional problems.

We will soon be introducing separate evaluations of teaching staff.

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British WISE is vital for all schools running well being and mental health programs and interventions.

Teachers recognise the importance of developing well being and reducing social and emotional problems among children of all ages. However they often remain uncertain how to define and assess well being within the school environment. Moreover, many commercial programs remain unevaluated at either a national level, or within a schools. Objective mental health evaluation is needed to assess the effectiveness and sustainability of any approach to improving well being.

Schools are investing increasing amounts of time and money on in-house external programs designed to prevent psychological disorders and improve social and emotional welling. British WISE enables schools to evaluate the effectiveness of their chosen interventions so that they can be secure in the knowledge that their time and money are well spent.

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British WISE is supported in both Australia and in the United Kingdom.

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